The Wingfield Family

Henry Colsell Wingfield 

Born 1805, an Old Westminster, married Jane Nicholls in Margate, Kent in 1828. Henry Wingfield ("the First" of 3 Henrys) was the grandson of a rich hatter (felt hats), the son of an attorney and was raised at St James’s Parish, Westminster.
He and Jane lived at 37 Great Marlborough Street near Oxford Circus — now rebuilt as a Coffee Republic and O'Neill's Irish Bar. They had two children. In 1842 Jane divorced Henry for adultery. Henry stayed long enough to bury his beloved daughter Emma 10 months later, in a new grand family grave at Kensal Green, Kensington and then emigrated to Prince Edward County— now part of Canada — which juts into Lake Ontario.
He farmed near Picton near South Marysburgh for 20 years, sometimes visiting England. In 1861, Henry Wingfield sold his farm and — wishing to spend his last days in England, embarked forLiverpool. At noon on 4 June 1861, 4 miles off the north point of Newfoundland in fog, his ship, the SS Canadian, struck an iceberg and the Wingfield Sculls founder and about 30 others of the passengers and crew of 300 succombed to the cold and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
(Wingfields of Westminster & of Worcs: cadet lines of the Wingfields of Shropshire)
1805. Aug.10th . Born at St. James, Westminster, son of James Wingfield, Jr., (an attorney) and  Margareta Wingfield nee Falwasser. Her family, originally “Faulwasser” (probably immigrants from Hamburg-Steinbeck in today’s Germany) were successful chemists & attorneys in England, some emigrating to New Zealand; and she was surely a cousin of George de Colsell Falwasser (flourishing1740s). Henry’s grandfather, James Wingfield, Sr., was a most successful felt hat maker (“massive”), twice married at St.Paul’s Cathedral. The “de Coleshills” were an “ancient, armigerous family” from Cornwall.
1816. From April, educated at his father’s old school, Westminster  School. The Westminster Rowing - or “Water” - records began in 1813, and appear to be
the oldest continuous records of any boat club.
1825. Dec.9th. Funeral in Worcester Cathedral of one of his uncles, Rev. John Wingfield, DD, Canon & Treasurer of Worcester Cathedral 1803 25, (Headmaster of Westminster School in 1802, Vicar of Putney, 1804). May have attended with his first cousins, John Hope Wingfield, 15. (General, Royal Artillery, 1868) and William F.Wingfield, 11 (C of E priest who became RC).
1828. Oct. 9th. His father having just died, he married at St.John’s, Margate, Jane, daughter of George Nicholls of Hyde Park Street. (The Nicholls family was
closely connected with the Wingfields & Willinks). The newly weds lived at 37 Great Marlborough Street., London, W1, near Oxford Circus. (Rebuilt in 1886, today it is O’Neill’s Irish Bar).
1829. July 5th. His son Henry George Eden Wingfield (Henry II, the future London barrister) was born.
1830. Aged 25, founded THE WINGFIELD SCULLS - to be raced on the Thames between gentlemen from Westminster to Putney on Aug.10th (his
birthday) “for ever”. Heavy betting was involved.
1832. Apr.30th. His daughter Emma Jane was born.
1834. His mother Margareta died. (Will dated 5th April).
1837. P. Colquhoun won THE WINGFIELD SCULLS and his father founded the Colquhoun Sculls, based on the Wingfields. (Same course until moved in 1843 to River Cam).
1842. Apr.21st. Jane divorced him for adultery. [The Times]. Moved to 35 Pall Mall and later to Ramsgate, Kent , where his housekeeper was Eliza Fletcher, possibly connected to Aubrey Fletcher the banker (and her niece, Julia Henrietta Peche of Satanche, Geneva was Henry’s goddaughter).
1843. Feb.11th. Daughter Emma, 10, died. Henry immediately bought a family vault at the grand Kensal Green (C of E) Cemetery, Kensington, now NW10 (started in 1832) - for £11-1s-0d.  (Grave #3957, Sq.58, R3). Emma was buried there in the Wingfield Family Vault , “in my family grave.” [Times 16 Feb; HCW will]. (Kensal Green is the oldest of the”Magnificent Seven” cemeteries still in operation and the only cemetery established by an Act of Parliament with a mandate that its bodies may not be exhumed and cremated or the land sold for development). The Wingfield Family Vault is extant, but the headstone inscription is illegible and the railings have vanished. “Monument removed.” Emigrated to settle as a farmer at South Marysburgh Township near
Picton in Prince Edward Island Colony. (Part of Ontario and Canada from 1873, it juts into Lake Ontario, 100 miles east of Toronto). Farmed with one George Legune. Occasionally visited England.
1851. On a visit to England, wrote his will, leaving 37 Great Marlborough Street, 12 Argyll Street and 35 George Street, Hanover Square, to four gentlemen (two of whom were  surgeons) -  probably friends known through his mother’s family, the Falwassers.
1855. Wife Jane believed to have died at Kingston, Surrey. She was not buried in the Wingfield family vault at Kensal Green, but her mother, Jane Smith (formerly Nicholls) was – in 1776.
1856. Mar. Birth of a daughter of cousin William Frederick Wingfield: Cecilia Jane Frances de Crintel Wingfield at Clifton, Bristol.
1856. Sep. Son Henry II (George Eden) married Cecilia Finetta Bertioli in Kensington, daughter of Alexander Bertioli, the world-famous composer of
music for guitar and lute, who is thought to have fled the French court at the French Revolution, and was then a guitar teacher in London. 
1858. Granddaughter Jane C.E. Wingfield born at Clifton. (Died unmarried 1905; buried in Kensal Green family vault. Records marked “room for 2 more”).
1860. Birth at Keynsham, Somerset of grandson, Henry de Colsell Wingfield III, the future Vicar of the (high church Anglican) Church of the Holy Nativity,
Knowle, Bristol. His monument is in the tower there. (Died unmarried 1913).
1861.June 4th. Left his farm to be sold: perhaps he was ill and aging (55) and wanted to die in England and to  be buried in his family vault (“to join his beloved daughter”) provided moving him there did not exceed £50 in costs. Embarked aboard the SS Canadian (2750 tons) bound for Liverpool, to return to England, but died – possibly before departure (?Kingston). Described as “of Picton, Canada West, Gentleman”. He is recorded (without a headstone) in his parish church, at St. Mary Magdalene (Anglican) Cemetery  in  Picton’s Macaulay Heritage Park, Prince Edward County, Ontario, thus:
(The “Old Church of St. Mary Magdalene” is now the PE County Museum).
1862. June. Son & heir Henry G.E. Wingfield II died; buried Kensal Green; and his widow Cecilia’s petition to become the sole executrix in England was
approved in 1863, and in Canada as the residuary legatee was, finally, approved in 1878. She died aged 85 and was buried in the family vault at Kensington’s Kensal Green in 1912. Sep. Birth in Kensington of the Founder’s 3rd grandson, Frank J.R. Wingfield, the future vicar of Fiddington & Crawley Down. (Died unmarried 1926).
2007. The senior known living  kin of the Founder, is the 3-greats  grand-daughter of Henry’s uncle, John Wingfield, DD: Clare Morton nee Willink, of Wingfields, Cambridge. She is daughter of Thomas Marcus Willink (1923-2007) & his wife, Betty nee Mallyon of Clacton. Her grandparents were Claudine Willink nee Hamilton & Thomas Wingfield Willink (1885-1957), the son of Lieut.William Nicholls Willink, R.N., (elder son of William Williamson Willink) and Cecilia Jane Frances de Crintel Wingfield, daughter of William F. & Charlotte Wingfield nee Nicholls.William became a barrister and a Roman Catholic. Clare has by her first marriage 2 children and 5 grandchildren. [Research 1967-2007 for  the WFS  (see by Jocelyn Wingfield; & by Roger Welsh, & Marie Murphey (UK), & in Canada by Don Wingfield & Kim White (Dep. Clerk, PE County, Ontario, (Canada). Graphics by Wally Goodman , WFS (Texas). Info in this paragraph courtesy of  Clare Morton, Sir Charles Willink, Bt, & Roger Welsh].
2007. Oct. 25th. Presentation to the Wingfield Sculls Committee of:
(1) by the Wingfield Family Society: the Women’s Wingfield Sculls Trophy
(2) by Clare Morton, WFS, this Life of her kinsman, Henry Colsell Wingfield, Founder of the Wingfield Sculls, 177 years ago.