The 2016 Race

In this Olympic year the 176th Wingfield Sculls will be raced on October 13th 2016 on the Championship course between Putney and Mortlake.
The race is for the pair of silver sculls first presented in 1830 by Henry C. Wingfield, ‘to be held by the best’.
9:15 Women's Championship
                             Surrey    - Jess Leyden (Leander)
                                                - Pippa Whittaker (Imperial College)
                                                - Georgia Francis (Imperial College)
                   Middlesex      - Amelia Carlton (Tideway Scullers)


Umpire: Greg Searle (Champion 1998-99, 2000)
Aligner:  Phil Bourguignon (Molesey)  
10:15 Men's Championship
                            Surrey     - Dan Boddington (Griffen BC)
                                                - Nick Middleton (Leander)
                                                 - Tim Richards (Imperial College)
                                                 - Frazier Christie (Leander)
                   Middlesex      - Jamie Kirkwood (Leander)

Umpire: Greg Searle (Champion 1998-99, 2000)
Aligner: Graeme Mulcahy (Champion 1976)  
  The umpire’s briefing will take place outside London RC at 8:15am, all competitors and their following-boat drivers must attend.  The umpire will detail the safety procedures and how the Championship will be run.

There will be presentations at Tideway Scullers’ School boathouse after the Championship where the press will want to talk to the competitors and the winners.  Refreshments will be available.

Please ensure that you have read the attached instructions for the race and are fully aware of the safety procedures.  The race fee will be £50 to be paid before you race, cheques made out to the Wingfield Sculls.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Secretary Wade Hall-Craggs on 07966 438950
The race is the contest for the Silver Sculls presented by Mr. Henry C.Wingfield in the year 1830 to scullers on the Thames, for the annual Championship of the Thames, incorporating the British Amateur Sculling Championship.
The Women’s Championship was founded in 1928 but the title left the Thames when the National Championships were founded.  The Wingfield Family Society has presented a new trophy for the Women’s Championship in 2007.
The race is open to all scullers of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, registered to race with British Rowing and will be raced over the Championship course from Putney to Mortlake.
The management of the amateur championship shall be in the hands of a committee made up of all the previous champions.
The committee shall meet at least once a year to examine the entries and appoint an umpire.  The committee reserves the right to refuse or return any entry up to the time of the start of the race. Entries will be considered on the 3rd October 2016 at the AGM.
The Championship will be run under the guidance of Row Safe and the TRRC/PLA’s code of conduct for rowing on the Tideway.  All those involved with the Championship should be familiar with both Row Safe and the TRRC/PLA’s code of conduct for rowing on the Tideway.
The umpire will conduct a briefing an hour before the start of the race, all those involved in the Championship race must attend; safety officer, medical officer, competitors, launch and following-boat drivers, aligner and distance judges.